SATURDAY, MAY 19th, 2018
NOTE: This is the weekend prior to Memorial Day weekend!
Back at Three Great Edmonds Venues!
Big Bands - Edmonds Center for the Arts: 9:00 - 4:30
Chorals - North Sound Center: 9:30 - 4:30
Combos - Edmonds Theater: 9:30 - 4:30
The Rotary Club of Edmonds Daybreakers is proud to sponsor the 18th annual Edmonds Jazz Connection Festival in downtown Edmonds.
Join us for a full day of amazing
award-winning jazz performances, and help us raise funds to support innovative classroom programs, that help create an exceptional music education experience throughout our region!
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The Edmonds Jazz Connection is a local music festival, including a full day of performances from nationally recognized and award-winning High School and Middle School jazz programs from throughout the Pacific Northwest, and highlights numerous student groups that have performed in prestigious competitions nationwide. At the conclusion of the academic year, Jazz Connection is an encore for these accomplished students to perform for the community, and showcase their improvisational talents while playing side-by-side with professional musicians.

While a principal goal of the event is to connect our community with its many wonderful student jazz musicians, we use this event as a pivotal fundraiser to directly support our school music programs and students. 

We work directly with the school district leadership and choral and band directors to identify the most pressing needs of school music programs. We also provide funding, and organizational support to ensure success of these initiatives. 

All proceeds from this year’s event will go toward:

1. Expanding scholarships for student musicians continuing their education at college, university or trade school.

2. Establishing quarterly Pro-Am clinics for students to work directly with professional musicians on development of improvisational performing skills.

3. Awarding block grants to schools to further enrich music education offerings through immersive study opportunities. 

Admission to the event is free, and donations will be accepted to support educational and scholarship programs.  PLEASE JOIN US IN HELPING TO SUPPORT AN EXCEPTIONAL MUSIC EDUCATION EXPERIENCE FOR ALL EDMONDS SCHOOLS AND  PARTICIPATING MUSIC PROGRAMS!

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Founded in 1996, the Rotary Club of Edmonds Daybreakers is an organization of local community and business leaders focused making a difference by serving the the citizens of our city and the world. Our primary avenues of service include:

You see Daybreakers everyday around Edmonds in their shops, offices, homes and community centers.  In addtion, you can often see us volunteering on many  local service projects from helping stock and sort food at the food bank to mentoring students at our local schools to cleaning litter from our roads.

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