Recent Training Handouts


10/1/18 - DACdb Online Training Session - Click here to watch

PETS 2 February 3, 2018 Video on  District Foundation Grants  Click here to watch.

Click here to download the online presentation slides.


4-Way Test Speech Contest Information Video and How to Participate - in mp4 video held by Go-To-Meeting on 11/7/16 by Matt May and Mike Phennicie.

Secretary Go-To-Meeting online training for 2016-17 Rotary Year

          Sherry Whitworth

                    Secretary Presentation printable in pdf

                    Secretary mp4 video

Club Leadership Training - April 30, 2016

          Patsy Etzell - The Formula for Success

                     The Formula for Success Presentation

                      Rotary Peace Fellowship Overview


          Sean McAlister - Rotary Club Central

                     2 RCC Planning Worksheet 2016

                     How to Add Club Officers in RRC 2016

                     RCC PETS Manual 2015

                     RI Rotary Club Central Support Team



Contact Info
District 7620 Office Address
Sherry Whitworth, Exec. Secretary
4064 Lomar Drive
Mount Airy, MD 21771